Grouse Game

Grouse Game

Play the Grouse Game

    How to play:

    About the game player application:
    Click on the link above, it is an exe file format.
    So you can either save it to your computer or run it.

    The Goal:
    To get the Grouse to the water.

  • On the Number key pad the larger number "0" will start the Grouse running for the pond.
  • A left mouse click on an animal will stop it from chasing the grouse.
  • If an animal touches the grouse you lose, and the game will start over.
  • You can take your chances and make a mad dash for the pond.
  • Or you can try stoping the animals in places where the grouse can go to the pond without touching any of them.
  • When the game is over a High Score card will come up and you can put your name in it.