Deer Scent Glands

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Interdigital Gland - The interdigital glands are located on all four feet. Each gland is a small sparsely-haired sac containing a rancied odorish, cheesy material, that opens between the toes. Fourty six volatile compounds have been identified from the scent. Five of which occurr in much greater concentrations in dominant than in subordinate bucks.

Forehead Glands - May be the source of scent left on antler rubs. If you watch a deer making a rub, you'll notice that the buck uses the bases of his antlers and his forehead region. Does will also rub their foreheads on antler rubs made by bucks. Have also noted that does & fawns will smell one another on the foreheads to see to whom they belong. Often times the does will lower their heads to alow the fawns to smell their forehead.

Metatarsal Glands - located on the outside of the deer's hind legs. We have often noted the fawns sniff this area of the does also, to see to whome they belong. Though a doe may turn and sometimes kick at or chase the fawn, we have yet to see a doe kick with its hind feet a young fawn.

Tarsal Glands - Strong smelling glands, used by deer to recognize other deer.

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Picture of fawn sniffing the does forhead gland to see whom it belongs.
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