Trail Cam Set up

Deer Trail Cam Setup & History 2016

November 23, 2016 As of now there are 6 cams running 24/7. The 3 main cams are still set up the same as in 2010, in the panoramic view and a 4th one has been added over looking them.

A new critter house was built and put up in a tree behind the cams, facing north.

The old Critter house after the storm can be seen on this page, the first picture on left. It survived the storm & was cleaned up, and it is still there. Though no cam is in it at this time. Cam 5 was beside it, overlooking the door to watch animals enter & leave.

This is the new camera set up (2017) with two cams with the red circle showing where the older critter house is.

The new Critter house is now in a tree & there is also a new table for the smaller animals & a new bird feeder in front of the cams.

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