Tarzan June 14, 2010

Tarzan loves suet
Tarzan is a little larger than a red squirrel, but smaller than a black or grey squirrel.
        The first time I noticed this squirrel was when A view at Deer Trail sent a picture and asked, "What squirrel is this?" At first we thought it was a baby Black or Grey squirrel, or maybe a larger Red Squirrel. After watching the squirrel for about a month we decided it must be a red squirrel, as it hadn't grown. Nor is he the size of a black or grey squirrel. Since we can't miss this squirrel who stands out and is easily recognized when he is on the cams, and scampers about making us all laugh and cheer I contacted Tarzan87 who brought the squirrel to our attention and asked if we could give the squirrel a name and this is how we have come to give a name to a squirrel named Tarzan on the Trail. So that we can record and see what all goes on in the life of a red, black, grey squirrel!
        We would like to thank Tarzan87 for bringing this to our attention and allowing us to give Tarzan a name!

June 19, 2010

June 22, 2010

Bobber & Tarzan

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