Yard Deer

Spring of 2009
Yard Deer

In the spring of 2009 we began to notice a young deer hanging around the outskirts of the yard. It would come and eat the seed and cracked corn that had fallen from the squirrel feeder. One day I got out the camera to see if she would hold still for a picture, I took about 10 pictures of her, with the flash going off, because it was a new camera and couldn't figure out how to stop it. But she didn't seem to mind and would just stand or move a bit and then stand again and look towards the camera, to have her picture taken. So from a bunch of pictures with red eye and goofy flash shots this one turned out the best, so then I left her alone, and she just wandered about a little lost and ate fallen bird and squirrel feed. At the time we thought that perhaps something had happened to the Mother but now that we have watched Bobber growing up we realize that she had probably been left to her own means after her Mother had gone off to have more fawns.

We began letting some extra feed fall out when we began filling the squirrel feeder for the young doe. The young deer grew and continued to come to the Squirrel Feeder. One afternoon, I brought out the camera and took this picture and some video of her. Eventually we made a trailer for the website with the video. The "Yard Deer" as we began to call the young doe liked to lay on the soft newly cut grass clippings that Feeder would put out in the woods when he mowed the yard. One happened to be right behind the lattice fence. Too bad we missed the picture of the cat and deer nose to nose one afternoon through the lattice!
Summer of 2009
Late Summer of 2009

One afternoon after Feeder had finished mowing he came in and got the camera while I was washing dishes and got this GREAT picture for me, as I had been trying to take pics of these little fake deer on the edge of the yard! Thus the Yard Deer later on became the background picture for this Webpage!
One day at lunch time our Granddaughter heard a loud clanging out by the bird feeder that hangs high in the back yard. When I came out bringing her lunch to eat on the patio, she was very nervous about it, though I told her it had probably just been a squirrel trying to jump to the feeder and banged it around. Then her concern was that the squirrel fell and was hurt, so to ease her mind we decided to investigate. As we walked quietly to the edge of the yard my only concern was that we NOT find an injured squirrel on the ground. We snuck around the brush in the yard that led to the path to the feeder, rounded the bend, and came nose to nose with the Yard Deer. As her head came up sharply I could hear our Granddaughters deep inhale, so I reached my arm back slowly to hers and said very calmly, "Be very quiet, because we don't want to frighten the deer", I could feel her arm shaking with excitement, and continued softly, "now we need to back up very slowly, so we don't make her run away." We then began taking careful steps backwards away from the doe, which began to chew her food and watch us with vague curiosity, now that the initial surprise was past. As we backed round the bend and began walking across the yard to the patio, our Granddaughter stated, "Grandma, scare the deer! I was scared to bits!" All I could do was chuckle, because I was pretty shaken myself!
Fall approached and we saw the Yard deer less and less. We put up the cams on the trail and began to see other deer that wandered on the trails in the woods and more or less forgot about the yard deer, but from time to time we would think we could pick her out among those who came in to eat at the cams. Come spring I began seeing a doe walking around the yard every morning trimming the raspberries, and one morning when Feeder was leaving for work we walked out and startled the deer, the minute we told it "Good morning" she calmly went back to her trimming and moved off down and out the end of the long drive, was fun to watch her, as we realized for sure now she was the Yard Deer, but made feeder have to rush to work!