back 11/9/2016 - We have been working on the social media at Deer Trail, and have found some fun new chats & decided to bring back the Leave a message News Blog so we can share the latest happenings on Deer Trail. So keep an eye on the chat places & they will be showing up as we get them finished.

It looks like the Turkey may have left for the fall, and the raccoon are slowly following as they begin to get enough to eat. It sure was fun getting to go out to help feed the two little ones this summer. Since fall is in the air it is time again to start listening for the coyotes out on the power line.

Two female Turkey always seem to like to raise their young together & this year they sure had quite a few. Another year they had some but not as many as this year! Quite a few deer have been visiting & the raccoon seem to be abundant this year also. We are wondering if it could be because we had a mild winter and spring. As we had a record with the 4 young bear cubs & triplet fawns this year. A lot has happened this year as we lost both of our stream providers as they went to apps for phones. So we moved to You Tube. The cams seem to be working pretty well over there and even work on internet explorer again so that is nice for everyone.

The sky cam went out last week so we took it down & put up a different one. It only took one day which we think is a new record! Last time it took a week or so to get it back up there. We started the critter house back up with a new location. Near cam 4 up in a tree. It doesn't get the traffic it used to with the smaller animals but perhaps owls or a squirrel may move into it or nest next spring. We didn't put the cam back on the critter house or cam 5. But were just glad we got the ones going that we did. Will update the cam pages on the site as James took pictures with the new cams & locations when I get done with the social media. I will try to get on one of the new chats around feeding time to answer questions & visit for awhile. Until next time have a great day, Candace

First Snow ~ November 18, 2016


We were starting to wonder when winter was going to show up and it blew right in. Getting a lot of nice pictures & video of the snow & animals.

We are starting to wonder if the two young raccoon that were out there this summer might be sleeping in the old critter house! Wouldn't you know we moved that camera! May find out if they come out now that it snowed, we may see the tracks.