back 12/1/2016 - The water pond

In the winter the pond is heated, just above freezing. Fresh water is supplied daily by underground water line. A compressor is used to blow out the line after the water is run to keep the line from freezing. When this is done you may see a small crick running from it and then later the water in the pond bubbling or roiling.

Domestic Animals

In our township there are no leash laws. When an animal has gone missing or sometimes found a sign will be put up out on the main road with a description & phone number. On our little dead end, dirt road each house has five acres. It isn't real unusual to see a dog walking down our road although it isn't as often as it used to be. Occasionally a dog will be seen on the cams also. We seldom see cats around our yard, but last fall one was sitting in the garden sunning. Just before it snowed I was sitting on the patio and the short haired calico came wandering across like it owned the place. I was very surprised & told it "well, Hello" It took one look at me retreated and headed out through the pool fence. I was a little disappointed, but at least it didn't bolt like they usually do.

One year a cat would visit in the evening get a drink from the pond and leave. Presently there is a domestic black cat with a bobbed tail. We are quite certain it belongs to someone nearby to the west, the way it usually comes & goes. Also it disappeared (went home) during and for awhile after the snow storm.

Usually we don't do anything about cats but after this one began laying around the feeder waiting for chickadees, flying squirrels & growling at the deer, we put some food & a pillow in a cubbyhole, for it up in a shed near the house away from the cams. We saw it near there once and when it showed up after the snow came there were tracks. So it can go home to eat or in the shed. Why it is eating corn or bread on the cams? Only the kitty knows. But since we did that he/she is no longer laying in wait for animals at the feeders or growling at the deer. The old critter house is still there also, it is dry & covered with straw.

There are wild bobcats & lynx in Minnesota. Some years ago I saw what may have been a bobcat while driving on the tar road. People have said they have seen wild cats on the cams. But so far we have never seen one.