back Sick or injured animals

My husband (James) & I (Candace) aren't an organization. When referring to we below it is just us that does everything here at Deer Trail for you to watch. James goes through the recordings (24/7) from the cams, a few times a day. He doesn't miss much that goes on, on the cams. For awhile we had this posted before anyone entered the site:

The animals that visit the Deer Trail cams are not penned in, but free to roam at will. Therefore you may see sick or injured animals. We will also see them and contact the necessary authorities when needed and follow their advice. We have viewers from all around the world. Our laws & the way things are done may be different than other parts of the world. We must follow the laws of our state & country to help the animals in the best way possible. We enjoy watching the animals with all of you, please be considerate of our limitations & abilities so that we can all enjoy watching the animals visit the cams. Thank you. ENTER

This video of bucks in rut is one example of how aggressive deer can be:

Some people have a hard time watching or chose not to watch for awhile. As when there was a squirrel visiting some years ago with a very sore looking open wound. It would sit and eat on the feeder right smack in front of the cam. Was not pretty at all to see, but over time was pretty amazing to see it heal, and fully recover.

We have looked into different ways to be able to personally help the animals more, there are licenses and permits people can obtain, but Candace is recovering from Lyme disease with Alzheimer/dementia type problems and can't understand all the things we would need to do & James is too busy keeping the cams running.

Deer Trail has a few happy and sad stories. Some we have even shared at the site. Click Here and look for "Animal's Stories:" bottom, right column.