back December 2016 - Questions about help with cam set ups

It is extremely hard for us to give advice about how you can set up your cam(s). We have always been willing to try to answer that question, but have rather gotten to the point that we pretty much give up. So if we don't answer it isn't because we don't want to but more because we aren't you.

Things to consider:
Pretty much anyone, with a computer near a window can run to the store pick up a web cam, set it out the window and follow the directions at a stream provider. Now I understand they have stream providers you can run from your phone, including Face Book. Security cams used to work, but the last ones we tried would not stream online. From what we have discovered it is trial & error.

Note: You will need like adobe flash media encoder to stream it to your computer. We had an external hard drive to record to, but you can just stream it & watch it from the encoder. We were streaming last at You Tube to be able to watch it better & set up the 3 camera view, not sure if you can stream live/private there to see it or not now. We brought everything up to the house since the computer crashed awhile ago, but that was pretty much the set up we had toward the end. (10/4/2018 - noticed this information about flash is not in here while answering an e-mail. Could be useful as you do not have to stream live if you just want to watch & or record with the flash media encoder. You may want to record to an external hard drive as it will bog down your computer after awhile.)

We have picked up old used VHS cam recorders out of the "free" box at garage sales that work great! And then we have purchased new web cams some for a few hundred each and decide we don't like the coloring, or can't figure it out fast enough, and give up because all the cams are down! LOL so we throw the old ones back in and call it a day. You have time if your not set up, find something you can afford & like :)

(Update 5/10/2017)-We have found new cameras (Logitech 4K Pro Webcam $199.00) to replace the Orbit Sphere we have been using. The new cameras have a better frame rate, larger view, nice color & clearer. So more along the lines of what we have been looking for the last couple of years.

I would love to say that cams & computers are way more durable than one would suspect. Who would think you could put a computer in a box & the cameras outside the box 300' in the woods! But we did for a year or so & the Logitech cams were fine! (see first set up) But for me to say that you to go out spend however much, go home & have it rain & wreck the cam you just bought :( ...

We have yet to find a dealer who says oh yes, this will work. Well, if we have we have got it home, usually to find no didn't work for us :( So may be a good idea to know the return policy.

Patience & perseverance must prevail:
Ever have a rodent eat through your $300-300' cat5 cable? & underground at that! A bad day is when the cams go down & when you go out to investigate you see a blue screen that says "Fatal Error". Ever spend 3 days trying to get a cam above the tree tops, just to have it all come crashing down all around you?

Maybe, if you can understand the directions on how to actually get monetized at You Tube, you might make one.