back 4/27/2017 -
We have found new cameras (Logitech 4K Pro Webcam) to replace the Orbit Sphere we have been using. The critter house cam can be found in the links on the main page. We haven't placed it on the all cam page. Cam 3 (table) is not in the panoramic view but to the bottom right where the critter house was. We have another camera so still working on what we would like to do. The new cameras have a better frame rate, larger view, nice color & clearer. So more along the lines of what we have been looking for the last couple of years. Cam 2 was down when we woke up but they have been running nicely so hopefully was just a glitch, and shouldn't happen to often. The weather has been nice enough that the Gooseberry & other hardy plants have started leafing out but got colder yesterday with sleet & a little snow this morning.

4/29/2017 -
On the all cam page the critter house can interchange with the message center.