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James & Candace run the FB page & groups (see main page), comments on the cams at You Tube & the social media listed below. We can not monitor it all 24/7. Keep in mind that millions of people over the last 9 years have visited the deer Trail cams. This includes school class rooms to perhaps your grandmother. The social media is for everyone to enjoy just as the cams are.

Please keep on the topics listed. Links to other live cams must go to the stream source as YouTube not a website. Credit for work not your own should be given when needed. Thank you. You will be removed if we feel that your post or posts are inappropriate. If you feel you, or a post(s) has been removed in error feel free to send an e-mail.

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Deer Trail Talk Only Chat ~ Conversation about the Deer Trail website & cams, so people can see what they may have missed.

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Deer Trail Talk Only - Only pictures, video & conversation about the Deer Trail website & cams. All other will be deleted & banned.