Poetry From Deer Trail Viewers


The snow is falling on the trail. so softly it falls on the ground.
My heart is so full of gratitude for the beauty all around
Gods' beauty is here for all to see. as the snow falls softly on dead leaves.
Soon the snow will all be gone and Spring beauty we shall see
But for now the snow is falling softly on dead leaves

Mary - 2/18/2013

Peas and Carrots

Life on the deer trail is better than ____________________.
Just ask Harry and Harriet, Little Red and friends a-like who dodge
The noisy crows, pigeons and hawks.
The dear deer pass through, does and bucks, loving
The sweetened seeds and corn.
Life on the deer trail is better than ____________________.
Our little vixen and her shadow have been missed. Maybe we will
see them again before the little ones come out.
The squirrels are mating and the rabbits too with
their nests all adorned.
Pretty soon we will be looking just right and see the newly born
And hear (see) a Red-Robin announcing, “It is spring on the DT! “
The fowl and raccoons all in a row will stroll and strut through, along with
Chippy and his buddies. All have been snoozing, waiting for new life and that call.
After their long winter’s nap, they will shout, “James, Candace & Company!
We are back!”
Indeed, life on the Deer trail is better than __________________!
Just ask Harry and Harriet, Little Red and friends a-like. . . . . .

~ RedHart80, 2/18/2013


How do the critters stay warm in such cold, cold temperatures with snow all around? With these Minnesota DT thoughts, I can sit here pondering a little bit further south on the map, barefoot and peering at the screen. Thank you God for giving the critters just right thermostats working with their nose-es as they crunch through on their toes-es. Cheers! I lift my cup with everyone. “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to view your backwoods on the DT!”

~ RedHart80, 2/18/2013

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