Poetry From Deer Trail Viewers

Down at the ‘Deer Trail’

Down at the trail, there’s a great deal to see –
Animals to indulge us, in all our fantasy.
They’re there to be observed twenty-four, seven
To us humans, the website is our visit to heaven!

At dusk and dawn, the deer come,
To eat their food and to have some fun,
The bucks, the does, the fawns are all there,
Dining on James’ splendid, daily fayre.

Then in between, the squirrels feed,
And chase each other after meeting their need.
The squirrels are a noisy bunch,
You’ll hear them squeal as they chew and crunch.

If you are lucky and can stay all day,
You’ll catch the birds during their play.
They fly in here from every direction,
And demand your utmost, full attention.

Occasionally there, a fox can be found,
Stealthily creeping along the ground,
He’s there to steal some chicken and bacon,
Will he be caught? What do you reckon?

At half past eight (UK time) you’ll see,
A sledge being pulled by the ‘Mighty He’
Sometimes accompanied by ‘the wife’,
They supply food and water to all the wild-life.

Whatever your needs, you’ll be satisfied,
With all the activities that’s being supplied.
Never a moment that’s dull and boring –
On Deer Trail, you won’t be caught snoring!

Thank you JAMES, you’re the best of all keepers -
Taking care of all these wonderful creatures.
Great will be your reward in heaven -
May God always bless you – sweet, Amen!

Rose- 2/19/2013