Poetry From Deer Trail Viewers

White on Black

As nightfall descends on the trail the view has changed into the darkness so clear The canvas is white on black. The shadows blend one into the other; darkness Un-restrained. With the whistle blowing in the distance the train edges closer and Closer; Clickety-tap, clickety-tap. A curious deer presses forward toward the Clearing on pathways of old soon to be renewed. Will Old Man Winter let go? The fairies whisper, yes, but not before more seeds are scattered and the little ones Come to life. The sun will warm the earth and the warm sap will flow to a lovelier Shade. Slender tendrils thicken willfully chasing the light. His last breath will hitch a Ride leaving peacefully on the rails as the Deer Trail awakens renewed from a long Winterís nap.

~ RedHart80, April 2013

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