There is a place I've found to go
No need to fight traffic or shovel snow
I simply log on to a magical place
Where animals live in an Eden-like space

I escape from my world and step onto the trail
And join all the families that live in the dale
The deer who come calling are the top of the heap
With their antlers lowered cause others to leap

The turkeys seem regal and their talk is so sweet
They stand their ground when a buck they meet
The squirrels are the comedians and fat as can be
They wait so eagerly for James' sled to see

I love the chickadees flitting all around
Their little voices are such a pleasant sound
The little rabbit is so stealthy and meek
I'm never quite sure what he's there to seek

I love all that come and I can share for a while
The peace of their world without walking a mile
I feel renewed each time I stop by
For this bit of heaven 'neath God's beautiful sky.

Juanita- January 1, 2017


I hear the howling winds of winter in the glen
The lush days of green grass and abundance are a distant memory
Every animal, large and small, feel the pangs of hunger these cold days
Ice and snow cover the deer trail and the winds batter them

These are the days of hardship which must be borne
There are those who realize the struggles of each
Who see and feel the suffering winter brings
Trying to help whether a full bird feeder or a treat of suet

Most of us have small back yards but big hearts
Keeping food and water out each day for those passing through
Or maybe we can enjoy some species staying near for weeks
Not many yards though will get to enjoy a herd of deer

But I have found my own secret garden
I sit and watch as deer fill the field of dreams
I watch the fat squirrels fussing with each other
And watch the joy of a flock of turkeys as they share

When they walk into the circle of love and life
There is food there on top of the ice and snow
They may not understand what it took to have it there
But they know they may have a chance to live……until Spring.

Juanita- January 14, 2017


There is excitement among us on the Deer Trail today
The bleakness and cold of winter must soon give way

Spring has arrived and soon the green grass will appear
With plenty for each of us to eat as it finally comes near

Everyone is very excited, we have waited for so long
The deer will jump for joy and the turkeys into song

The birds will start building nests and their songs we will hear
No longer will we worry as the sunshine will dampen our fear

The days will grow longer and the sun will warm our back
More will come to join us here, along the Deer Trail track

And though we cannot thank him, James kept our stomachs full
As we watched through rain and snow, his wagon he did pull

Full of life and sustenance as he bravely endured the cold
And we who live here on the Trail, know his story should be told.

Juanita- January 7, 2017