Poetry From Deer Trail Viewers

Deer Trail, Deer Trail

Deer Trail, Deer Trail, you are the best Even at school, I must confess I go on this site more than the rest It's not just a trail, it's a heckin deer fest I visit deer trail every day and night Watch the animals, see their plight Always hoping that they don't have a fight If one got hurt, it'd give me a fright It's deer trail dot us Not deer trail dot me Please don't make a fuss If you see a hot tree I see animals galore So many I adore If you don't know the lore Then please go learn some more Scenic spots in the woods To watch live every day When I'm there, it's all good And it thrives when I'm away Honestly it doesn't even matter what I say Go watch Deer Trail, it'll make your day Squirrels, deer, foxes and birds It's all right there, you just need two words "Deer" and "Trail" (And also US) If you're feeling stale, go get some rest But remember to bring deer trail with you there If you get lucky you might see a bear I always use deer trail for relaxation Their top-level domain is also a nation Keep fighting for animal emancipation And inevitably, nature's reclamation Really makes you wonder about creation And human fixation with fornication Eventual termination of our whole population But mostly, I just want to learn about migration I hope I brought you a smile with these sick rhymes Please stay here a while and come back many times No matter what life gives you, the dirt or the grime Deer trail will be here, still in its prime

Cubemaster - 4/29/2017

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