I have seen the Deer Trail in itsí winter season
Where snow falls heavily and most things freeze
I watched as Spring arrived yet winter was slow to leave
As the rain pelted down and all for a reason

Summer was pushing and trees burst forth into bloom
The grass grew high and the sky turned a beautiful blue
Soon the leaves covered the trees to dance in the breeze
Causing moving patterns of dance on the floor of their room

The sound of birds fill the warm air with sweet song
And visitors keep arriving and I saw my first bear
The raccoons come late to check out the menu
Turkeys still drop by and the deer in their velvet throng

The cycle of life is being renewed there each day
As Summer paints a beautiful canvas on the land
Wild flowers follow the rain and lightning dances
Summer is here for itsí season, yet Summer canít stay.

Juanita ~ July 2017