How to take pictures from your desktop

On your Key Board press the "Print Screen" Button.

Using Paint

Open your Paint Program then choose "Paste"

Save your picture.

You can also crop & edit the picture before saving. If your screen resolution is larger than the picture you took, such as full screen & then make it smaller than the picture will distort.

Using the Snipping Tool:

The Snipping Tool will save a section of the page or picture or the whole desktop. After you select the option you would like it will bring it up in a snipping tool edit box where you can Edit & save it. If you have it, it seems pretty easy to use! microsoft support

There are also programs on the internet that will capture pictures if you do not have the options above in your computer. The sharpen feature works well with the .jpg files. bmp and .png files are larger for attachments to upload easily. To take video with sound you will need to use a video editing software with Screen Capture, to get the sound you can plug your sound jack into the mic on your computer works with some programs.

Happy Picture taking on the trail!